Ndjekësit e Snapchat [Llogaritë Arabe] [Max: 20k] [Lexoni Përshkrimi] [Koha e fillimit: 1 - 24 orë] [Shpejtësia: 5K/ditë]

NOTES : - Link = please put your USERNAME ON SNAPCHAT without @- PLEASE do NOT put more than 1 order for the same link at the same time to avoid any overlap. we CAN'T CANCEL the order in this case.- VERY IMPORTANT : 🔴 If the quantity ordered is bigger than 100 then Snapchat will show you that you have +99 New followers and that does not mean that you only got 99 BUT it means that you got all the quantity ordered so please don't raise a ticket about this.🔴 you will get the full quantity ordered so don't worry and don't raise a ticket saying that it's not delivered after the order is marked completed because there will be no start count and we have done multiple TESTS before launching this service.🔴 Snapchat needs around 48 hours to update your profiles and show the subscribersso after the order is marked as complete, you have to wait around 48 hours to show your followers completely..........................................IMPORTANT : BEFORE ordering please go to your settings and do the following :Settings - Who Can Contact me 👉 EveryoneSend Notification to me 👉 EveryoneView My Story 👉 Everyone See me in quick add 👉 Enable - Quality: Arab Mix Accounts- Refill: No Refill / No Refund ( We usually send 5-10% Extra )
AVERAGE TIME - 1100 hours 49 minutes

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Bleni ndjekësit e Snapchat [arab]

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